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Anyway, thank you for the suggestions, I rather enjoy the discussions regarding deck strategies! A longtime staple for tribes, dating all the way back to Zombie Master , and almost every tribe wants them. Since you're looking to put a lot of 'Crows on board, Lords of course buff them, and enables your ability to close a game without depending on commander damage. Some come with bells and whistles, and depending on what build you want, not all of these will make the cut. Anthems help with this as well, but vanilla Anthems won't give you the same mileage as a Lord.

Nevertheless, it's worth considering everything at your disposal. Adaptive Automaton - A standard Lord that mixes with any tribe, and maybe not ideal for Reaper, Lords are just good in general. Brass Herald - A little costly, but a recruiter and Lord in one is a nice option; I would only be comfortable recommending this if your creature count is high. Etchings of the Chosen - Making your general hard to deal with should always be welcome.

Shared Triumph - As far as Anthems go, this one is sold mostly by its appealing mana cost. Door of Destinies - Given that you will cast a lot of Scarecrows, Door will put in work.

One Heartbeat Away: Your Journey Into Eternity

Icon of Ancestry , Vanquisher's Banner - An Anthem that can also access more advantage will serve you well. Kindred Boon - Mostly just protection for King and at least is worth considering. Steely Resolve - Tribe-wide Shroud seems very good for any tribe that can use it. Drawing is strange in EDH. Not everything good is usable here since you still want to find synergy, but there are plenty of options, and most of them will serve you well on a budget.

Deep Analysis - Its initial cost can be rough, but Flashback is great,. Thoughtcast - Solid in anything Artifacts. Greed - It's an option. Mind Stone - Doubles over as a mana rock, but its draw ability is mainly what you want for late game. Thopter Spy Network - Generates fodder and enables draws, and while maybe not great, is nice nonetheless.

Consistency in function is crucial to your deck, and depending on who all you play with, the tempo of games could afford you time for otherwise less ideal options. Scheming Symmetry - Better with more people at the table, but is an option. Planar Portal - Maybe a little costly, but it tutors anything and is a personal favorite.

Planar Bridge - Even more costly than Portal, but can just churn a permanent out of the deck. Whir of Invention - Since Tinker will never be legal, this is what you got.

Journey To Eternity / Atzal, Cave Of Eternity X4 M/NM Magic MTG Rivals Of Ixalan | eBay

Saheeli's Directive - Costly, but powerful, plus it gives a little extra utility to Artifacts that you don't immediately have use for or don't tap. I'm no expert in juggling lands for multicolor EDH, but there are some solid good stuff lands for such a format. This is probably where most of your attention is going to go because Shocks, Fetches, and the like are outside your budget, leaving you working with more strict cards.

Journey Into Eternity - Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Album: Spa Special - Music to Help You Relax)

I'm including transforming cards because the Land forms are mostly what will concern you, although keep in mind their original forms should provide some utility as well. Arch of Orazca - A colorless land can suck, but one that can keep cards in hand is worth noting. Command Tower - Don't question it.

Mirrodin's Core - Super budget and requires some planning, but is flexible. Opal Palace - Decent fixing, plus it softens the pain of casting your general for the sixth time in a game. Path of Ancestry Color fixing with perks for casting your general. But I do have solid overall advice for deck building, period: consider what cards bring to the table. If you find that a card doesn't quite work well, look for something to better get this machine working.

Try to get as much synergy out of your cards as possible, so things with linear and okay-ish function may not be worth keeping. Always test and see what happens. A lot of things that are good on paper don't iron out in practice, and likewise things that don't iron out on paper are great in practice.

Hopefully this all helps you find your way with the deck.

Journey Into Eternity (Demo)

Of course, since I'm no expert in this field, feel free to do further research for tips and cards. There are plenty of other King EDH decks on TappedOut, and people love to build things differently, so there likely are going to be things I've missed that someone else considers a no-brainer inclusion. Lastly, deckcycling puts it on the front page for people to see, and possibly give you a hand. There's a lot of room to build here, and there are likewise a lot of people who can advise you. Love this deck!

I'm in the process of building a very similar one. I wish thrumming stone weren't so darn expensive! I'm sure when I buy one they'll immediately reprint it, or ban it I've compiled a list of cards I'm considering that aren't in your deck.