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Sooo NSFW! Like the episodes, thought it was very well done. I have little to no experience with this genre, so I don't know how to really review in detail, but I thought it was well written and narrated. I think anyone would love it. Plenty of emotions This was my first book by this author but definitely will not be my last. It was great to get all six stories in one book. I'm looking forward to reading the next bundle. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. If you could sum up Branding Her: Bundle 1, Episodes in three words, what would they be?

What did you like best about this story? The Characters, especially Kaylee. I love their personalities and they're a really sweet couple. They are also Hot, Hot, Hot! I liked that it was easy to listen to, it was enjoyable and it pulled me into the story. Which scene did you most enjoy? There are many scenes that I could point out but I don't want to give spoilers.

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? The two main characters relationships with Kaylee's Son, who is so sweet.

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  • Again, trying not to leave spoilers. Any additional comments? I enjoyed each of the episodes and listening to how the characters each grew and how their relationship developed. I liked the fact that it was in six parts episodes , as it made it perfect for listening to before bed. I listen to one episode each night this week, well apart from tonight as I got hooked and just had to finish it. So I ended up listening to the last 2 episodes, which is why I'm still awake at You can easily break off at the end of each episode, as even though the story carries on, each episode is a new part of the story.

    I thought the narrator did a good job with this story, I would listen to her again if she narrated another book in this genre. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys lesbian fiction. The book is definitely worth a credit. I hope you enjoy this audiobook!!

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    They are not over the top and don't take over the story, so I would still recommend you give it a try. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Alex B Porter. Narrated by: Roxanne Hill. Series: Branding Her , Book Length: 7 hrs and 50 mins. I'm taking you to lunch. They share the joys of intimacy and the freedom of being who they really are. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Adina Eisenberg Well Done Well written and nicely performed.

    Kate Overall, enjoyable. As long as there's other future episodes to finish out the story line that is 4 of 4 people found this review helpful. Better than expected. Audiobookhoe Been in a mood Both of you! All of my rookery brothers are dead. It was a hedonistic time for the community of men all over the United States as the politics of Gay Liberation gave way to an unprecedented expression of sexual freedom. The documentary speaks to both friends and to lovers. Killing Patient Zero has extraordinary access to the those in that emerging warzone with professionals, participants and onlookers all sharing with the viewer.

    The medical professionals, from front line members of the A. They speak of who spoke to whom and how the clues were gathered. When the community began to raise the alarm, there was confusion about how this disease spread.

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    Was it even infectious? While studying a cluster of patients the researchers happened upon an outsider who had the disease, case The documentary shows the scribbled piece of paper where the connections were drawn. From here the documentary works hard to explain how the falsity spread. The predacity, the invective against the community and the targeting of one man is horrifying. Without editorialising, Killing Patient Zero relies on skilful editing to bring the injustice home.

    The talking heads of the film are engaging in their knowledge and their honesty, with the camera sometimes lingering after a statement to really bring home the effort and cost of the remembering. This film is important for the reclamation of a person from the headlines but also as cautionary tale of how the public can be manipulated by the single-shooter theories of easy journalism.

    In a time when professional journalists are increasingly under pressure and citizen commentators are often the loudest voices, a lesson from 50 years ago still needs restating.

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    Tickets and more information here. See more about Killing Patient Zero at the official website and Facebook. A documentary by esteemed filmmaker, Jeanie Finlay, Seahorse follows one man through a life changing journey as he becomes a father.

    Freddy is a gay trans man and, as we meet him at the beginning of the film, he has made the decision to reverse his chemical transition in order to carry the child himself. The film will travel with him through the low times and the joyous; the body changes and the emotional ; the robust strength and the delicate fragility of spirit. Freddy has a way with the camera. Sometimes with audible questioning from the filmmaker, he responds with an honesty and openness about his feelings early on that allows the audience to understand why such a decision is his way forward.

    Just one of the many ideas that a viewer is required to take away and ponder from the film. Finlay has, over three years, an unprecedented access to the nuances of this difficult journey. The physical pain of insemination is hard to watch, his stoic and goal oriented nature not enough to overcome the invasion. Later in the film, before the unflinching capture of the birthing, there are physical consequences to be borne. As the pregnancy takes its physical toll, the complexities of coming out as pregnant and a considerable change in his support network, bear down on Freddy.

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    These are treated honestly by the film but without excessive drama as a documentary should. The use of images of the past is equally discreet and courteous to the subject of the film as Freddy looks to the future and we feel his excitement and concerns. In this clear-sighted film an unusual situation bears witness to a joint humanity. Seahorse is a treatise on selfhood. Through the experience of someone courageous enough to share, we are left to consider…. See more about the film at the official site and watch the moving trailer here.

    She is very beautiful, very styled. The elegant manicure, artfully applied lipstick and sad, very sad, eyes. Noomi Rapace is Lizzy, a beauty consultant, in Angel of Mine. She has a fractious relationship with her ex-husband due to an inability to maintain her attention on loving her son; she has shared custody every second week. And watching the slow burn of her obvious delusion grips the heart in the wait for an inevitable flashpoint and ignition. The mystery is not what the circumstances are but why Lizzie responds as she does. This is no bunny-boiler film. Yet, there is much in the film which is just slightly obscured, obfuscated by mirrors or reflections in glass or the melting blur of light rain.

    The colour palette is also beautiful and allied lyrically with costuming and a mis-en-scene which tends into beige and pale, pale pink. Realistic and recognizable, it evokes the grey clarity of an Australian autumn in the south with the leaf strewn road and slight steel of the weather contrasted warmly with the amber of wooden floors and muted light in her apartment.

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    And the peach of her skin. Rapace is luminous in the role and absolutely believable as a nice woman, a house hunter, a play-date mum who is trying her best. But her interior world is close to the surface in the close-ups that define the style of the film. Her performance is well matched by the straightforwardness of Yvonne Strahovski as Clair, whose awareness of threat grows slowly and draws on the fire implicit in her loving and maternal spirit.

    There is also skilled and truthful work from Annika Whiteley as the 7 year old Lola.

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    • The audio track of Angel of Mine contributes in a major way to the emotional impact of the film with large tracts where it disappears completely leaving the characters alone with the reality of their surroundings and the words of each other. Angel of Mine is an enthralling mystery of a film which is also able to spark a conversation about why, and how much, we believe what we believe.

      Is instinct truth or merely a road to obsession and failure to heal? RbJ rating : 4 stars. Watch the gripping trailer here. They are night-time urban animals, these two.