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That is bad, bad science. Photons for one had been detected back in the times of Einstein and the photoelectric experiment that had won him the Nobel prize.

About the Structure of the Hadrons and the Strong Interaction

The theory of bosons was a great theory, okay. Thomson , who first experimentally established the existence nice tongue-twister there of a subatomic particle of any kind, the electron? Or Dalton , who was one of the first to boldly propound and stick to the atomic theory? Or the Greek Democritus , who was one of the earliest to believe that matter comprised of tiny particles? Einstein himself got there by proving Newton wrong.

Do we still not study Newton? Yes, because his ideas and theories are still relevant to a whole lot of Physics. I seriously feel it is one of the responsibilities of mass media to get these ideas across to people when they report on science.

What Ever Happened to Tachyons? – Astronotes

I know Feynman would have wished that. But no, these guys are doing the polar opposite. So anyway, why the focus this time on Bose? Is it that patriotic itch again? Or, far stronger and more bitter, paranoid and vengeful than any other community spirit, the Bangali itch? Talking about patriotism, we Indians have a really misplaced sense of that.

I recommend you have a look. It keeps on talking on the tired familiar vein of the downtrodden, unrecognized Indian science, even suggesting they have to become Americans to get a Nobel. Bitter, bitter pettiness. I was the first to hit disagree. There was this angle in the Kalpana Chawla story too.

Look at that awesome great Indian girl, they said. I remember once she came to India and was talking to school students. A schoolgirl asked her what she must do if she wanted to become an astronaut like her. If you must feel good about India, work for it. Do your own personal bit to contribute. There can be no greater insult to the honour and spirit of a country than this kind of crap.

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In conclusion, I want to set my angle on this straight. Or anything that raises questions and takes this forward. And Bose was a hero. In fact, I might just be able to find a book signed by him that my grandmother received from him at a prize distribution in school. And I had to say it all to get rid of the splinter in my head. I muse The CERN website homepage was set to automatically redirect to a cool new facelifted page that announces this: On the top right is a tiny link to the original site.

And I noticed something below the image of the collision in the homepage: Hmm. Say God Particle.

One More Time. May the truth be the last word. Rate this:. Like this: Like Loading Room of Lives. Mathematics under the Microscope Atomic objects, structures and concepts of mathematics. Chennai Mess Recipes for you. Then the exhaust arm converges into a single exhaust. Then the opposite charged particles agglomerated.

Making them easier to capture. This was subject to novel research I was conducting in Bologna and Murano. I conducted a similar trials with British Glass where I injected charged particles of larger waste particles into the upstream exhaust.. On the inside of the donut where all the particles are passing simultaneously they will all be at the same speed respectively. But the concentration of particles could be substantial and compacted into a small size. Because they are accelerating moving towards the centre — would this cause a gravity effect? Where they coincide or within the torus manifold?

Interested to hear what you think.. The direction a particle is accelerating has no effect on the gravitational force it produces.

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The gravity of the particles would however be outweighed by the machine itself, which would have an interesting profile. Assuming you stacked a whole lot of LHCs on top of each other in a long cylinder. Just like 2 planets which have energy and momentum. As the torus must reduce its dimension the particles must move faster which means they must reduce radius —. Hence a gravity multiplier! If they move faster than light!!!

Even the LHC has proven that. This is the ultimate limit.

Why the Higgs and Gravity are Unrelated

You made a comment which has been going around my mind. You stated that bacteria are found at depth in the Earth — and came to be there without assistance from tectonic transit? How far down recorded? In my experience working in the Boulby mine the fresh cut salt even at a short distance from the surface of ft was hot. It was very hot in the road spaces and had to be cooled by a second shaft otherwise the workers would simply die in the heat and working naked were in not for a single covering with a thin pair of overalls. We know anaerobic bacteria can survive without oxygen. We also know the composition of dna some of it excludes the requirement for oxygen.

IF, the bacteria came to simply come into creation there — then surely they can do that on other mixed material planets at depth? Energy is available from the background, and materials from the salts from the surrounding — maybe even synthesis of oxygen from the salts not NaCl? The rice getting the silicon from silicic acid from the water. That is why they refuse to rot easily — as with other grasses which have their lifestyle in water, and their seeds properly packaged resists water and may freely float away.

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So maybe the criteria is local energy not oxygen to create life? Just not flying or walking around on the surface? As far as we currently know This is a rather new area of biology there are bacteria as deep as we have measured, so long as the rocks contain pores with water.

Higgs Bosons Fermions Oh My SUBATOMIC JOURNEY Everyones Guide Series Book 10

They are all anaerobic- not requiring oxygen, and rather slow growing despite the heat Some take between months and years to divide,. They are not flourishing, but are surviving.