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A special order item has limited availability and the seller may source this title from another supplier. In this event, there may be a slight delay in shipping and possible variation in description. One such framework is Bravermans' deskilling thesis which illustrates that the history of capitalism is marked by the progressive degradation of work arising from the managerial expropriation of control from workers through the deepening division of mental and manual labour.

This division is achieved by scientific management techniques which seek to sub-divide work into core tasks and results in the replacement of workers by machine process. Braverman illustrates that the outcome is always a detailed division of labour which results in the degradation or deskilling of work from a high to low level of generic skill and from a higher to a lower rate of pay.

Whilst Braverman was writing about the eclipse of industrial craftwork, Burawoy argues that his thesis could equally be applied to the intellectual craftwork of the professions. Wood argues that accounts of service sector work tend to focus on the high skills end of the market, and so fail to understand the extent of managerial control and the relative poverty endured by many of those who work in "services". In managerialist writing, the new career model and the culture of excellence or enterprise are presented as mutually implicated.

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Firstly, the new career model is seen as the inevitable outcome of the restructuring and delayering associated with flexibl e organisations and excellence e. More targeting to those at risk of social exclusion makes a purely managerialist approach much more problematic.

The methodology of quality is an industrial ideology and a tool in the managerialist camp. It appeals to managers who are under pressure to look more and more like industry. It is also a technique of control and for managers struggling with rapid chang e and the pressures of competition it exercises a siren-song appeal. Predominant to this change was the proposed establishment of Executive Offices where departm ents have a sufficiently large volume of purely executive work, Ministers will be enabled by legislation to transfer such work to separate office — to be known as Executive Offices.

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These reforms and related ones like the Financial Management Initiative in Britain were a long overdue reform of a massively inefficient system. They were managerialist, characterised by the slogan 'let the manager manage', a move towards single line budgets, and a welcome emphasis on outcomes rather than processes.

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However, within the flurry of managerial change in Australian government, new public sector management practices are emerging which are consistent with the model, but they have been obscured. The reason is that the debate has focused on an "ideal type" of managerialism which is only partly representative of the managerial changes in practice.

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This archetype will be called Managerialism with a capitalised initial. Most work has been done in the business sector by Stacey [4,7,8] in challenging the orthodoxy of strategic management and using Chaos Theory to illustrate how we need to achieve successful companies by using instability to innovate.

In education there i s no equivalent to Stacey, but there is a growing disquiet about managerialism in a range of areas from critiques of site-based management [15] to issues about the quality of teaching and learning [16]. This is nowhere better illustrated than in concerns being raised about the Ofsted inspection process in the UK, where Russell has argued that the inspection framework is a systems approach which "is not only conceptually opposed to randomness and maverick creativity. If applied really well it leaves no room for the serendipity that may inspire excellence"[17, p.

London: Sage. Boje, D. Stories of the storytelling organization: A postmodern analysis of Disney as Tamara-land. Academy of Management Journal, 38 4 , The storytelling organization: A study of story performance in an office-supply firm. Administrative Science Quarterly, 36 1 ,