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Gianotti used the analogy of the history of light to explain the role of fundamental, open-ended scientific research: if we had focused only on the business case for bigger and brighter candles, we would never have made the transformative leap to electrical lighting.

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However, as an Italian, Gianotti is keen to contextualise this in terms of frothy coffee. At CERN, over 12, scientists from over nationalities collaborate, working in a culture where authority comes from intellectual contributions rather than hierarchy, and colleagues generally share a sense of purpose. Moreover, collaboration is needed on a gargantuan scale to build something like the CMS detector, which weighs more than the Eiffel Tower, is hooked up with 3, kilometres of cabling and includes components built by hundreds of firms on five continents.

A Schumpeter management column in the Economist explained that this had attracted the interest of the corporate world, with mixed results:. Yes, weasels. In April , the Large Hadron Colider lost power after a nefarious rodent chewed through electrical wiring.

This followed an unfortunate incident in , when a bird dropped a bit of baguette onto electrical equipment and caused a power outage. The mightiest human accomplishments can face the most mundane challenges. Have you read? Science works best when it is open Black holes explained A galaxy made of dark matter.

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Most Popular. To build a circular economy, we need to put recycling in the bin Alexandre Lemille 15 Nov More on the agenda. Smashing: A simulation of protons colliding in the Large Hadron Collider.

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The Large Hadron Collider is colder than outer space. The Large Hadron Collider: cool on the outside, A galaxy glimpsed by the Hubble telescope - but we're still in the dark. What is the future of the internet? Tim Berners Lee. Jesus commanded that you love others the way He loves you.

Most Christians think that is impossible. I have a suggestion. I would like to report an issue.

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The discovery of treasure worth billions of dollars shakes southern India.

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